3 Hairstyles For Medium Hair For Party

The medium sway is one of those Hairstyles that just won’t stop. It’s adorable, agreeable, thus simple to wear. Look at these photos of hairstyles for medium hair 2016 for three approaches to style this great trim.


Beginning with the medium sway, this is the exemplary style cut limit all around. It’s an excellent choice for making fine hair seem thicker or for taming thick locks. For every day, condition hair to maintain health, fight frizz, and keep away split ends. Then tame any dangerous areas with a blow dryer on medium heat and let the rest air dry. Finish with a lightweight product or serum for a gorgeous, no-fuss hairstyle.


Step up that bob hairstyle by maxing out the volume. This slightly tousled blowout uses a volumizing mousse to enhance thickness.Get the high volume part by pushing hair opposite to your normal side. Finish with a texturizing product applied with fingers to set the look to add a little stylish messiness to the look.


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For special events, transform that medium hairstyle by adding curls. We’ve seen this spiral curls on Emma Stone. Or you can go for the beach-inspired waves instead. Or add a crown braid for a truly fabulous style. Just don’t wear hair like it’s just another day. There are plenty of formal looks for chin length hair.

The medium bob is cute and comfortable for every day but also versatile. Get new looks by adding volume, curls, waves, braid, and more.

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