Beachy Waves For Medium Hair

This hairstyle is laid-back, relaxed, and beautiful. Since this style is so simple to create, your hair will look way entirely in no time. Best of all, there are tons of easy ways to get beachy waves!
The easiest ways to achieve sexily, beachy waves are by using products, with heat tools, or by using buns and braids.

If you want to get beachy waves in a snap, use salt spray. Salt spray brings out the natural texture of your hair, and will make it look like you’ve spent the afternoon with your toes in the sand! It works with any hair type and helps to eliminate frizz, and adds volume to the hair. You can make your own or try Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray or Tigi Salt Spray.

Start by spraying a small amount of sea spray onto wet or damp hair. Spray from the roots to midway down the length of your hair. Use the scrunching technique and scrunch the length of your hair with your hands. Scrunching your hair will help create volume and that unforgettable beachy texture. Let your hair air-dry and ta da! Beachy waves.

One thing to keep in mind if you are using a salt spray is that it can dry out your hair. Remember to take care of your hair with conditioner and a moisturizing serum if you use salt spray on a regular basis.


Other products you can use to get beachy waves are a scrunching gel or mousse. The scrunching gel helps to create a more defined wave, but mousse will form softer waves.

Start by applying a volumizing product onto the roots of your towel-dried hair. Use the preferred styling product through the ends of your hair, scrunching in an upward motion. Blow dry your hair on a low-heat setting as you continue to scrunch the ends of your hair. Once your hair is dry, you can curl medium sections of hair with a curling iron to add more definition.

Don’t want to use products to get beachy waves? Then curl, curl, curl! Heat tools are an excellent way to create this hairstyle. Choose a curling iron with large barrels to create that loose wavy texture. Or this easy to use and efficient Goody Heat Wave Creator.

If you are using a 3-barrel curler, like the Revlon 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver, separate your hair into sections and clamp the curler down. Hold for a few seconds at a time before moving down the length of your hair. Repeat this until all of your hair has been curled. Use a touch of hairspray to finish off your look.

To create beachy waves using a standard or clampless curling iron, curl sections of hair from the top to the midsection, leaving the ends free. Your hair will look relaxed and beach in no time!


This hairstyle is laid-back, relaxed, and beautiful. beachy waves tutorial,beachy waves for short hair,beachy waves curling iron,beachy waves no heat

If you want to get beachy waves without using heat or products, braids and buns are the way to go.

After you have towel dried your hair, separate your hair into either two or four sections, depending on the thickness of your hair. Twist these sections into buns or loosely braid your hair. You can either go to sleep and wake up to beautiful beachy waves or let your hair air dry during the day. When you take out the buns or braids, your hair will look divinely wavy!

Beachy waves are both glamorous and laid-back. And even better, this hairstyle is super easy to create! Try any of these techniques to get beachy waves and you are sure to look summer ready anytime!

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