Kate Middleton’s Braided Updo Hairstyle

Everybody was looking great at Princess Charlotte’s dedicating, from Prince George to the Queen. The whole undertaking had a vintage feel, mainly landing with the old school illustrious carriage and Princess Charlotte’s initiating dress. Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate to her companions, outfit finished the photo.


It’s not a royal event without a distinctive hat! Of course, wearing a hat means that the details of Kate Middleton’s Christening updo are concentrated at the back of the head. This would also be a superb choice for a bridal hairstyle with a pillbox hat or veil.


From the side, the updo is a Gibson roll. Kate’s ample hair means this style isn’t tightly tucked as it sometimes can be but has plenty of volumes. This is an easy look to style you.

First, gather hair into a low ponytail and tie with a rubber band. Pull the rubber band down the ponytail to create some space between the rubber band and scalp. Next, create a space in hair just above the rubber band for hair to sit in. Twist the ponytail and pull the rubber band over the braided hair. Now roll the ponytail and tuck it in while twisting hair. Once hair is all tucked in, secure it with bobby pins.


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And one last look at the retro updo. This would be perfect for a vintage bridal hairstyle, even with the hat. Check out this similar version with flowers.

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