Tom Chapman Top Hair Stylist IN UK 2016

Tom Chapman is a top stylist/beautician in the UK. In 2015, Tom was a finalist for the WAHL British Barber of the Year, furthermore achieved the finals for The Great British Barber Bash Competition. What a staggeringly productive year. Congrats Tom for your extraordinary work!

Tom is additionally a part and pioneer of The Lions Barber Collective, a worldwide accumulation of top hairdressers which have met up to bring issues to light for the counteractive action of suicide.

Tom and his group at the “Tom Chapman Hair Design” Salon in Torquay UK make exceptionally creative and up-to-date hairdos and hair styles. The gathering lives by a capable mission: surpass desires, instead of just fulfilling them.

Make sure to take after Tom on Instagram, facebook, youtube, and twitter, however until further notice lets become more acquainted with additional about the skilled hairdresser.

1) How could you have been able to you get into barbering?

I began my vacation 14 years prior with Toni&Guy, in those days much sooner than the times of Kevin Luchmun no scissors were permitted in the salon as it was practically looked downward on, which is crazy to think now! However due to this, i spent numerous years doing a ton of cutting with scissor over brush, which was incredible order. I found an adoration for men’s hair and particularly more fabulous styles, for example, mohawks as I have been mainly elective at that ages. I purchased my first combine of what super decreases and the rest is history!

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2) What do you like the most about being a hair stylist?

I cherish the particular difficulties that are barbering presents, particularly with all the distinctive styles of blurring around right now in time. There is additionally significantly more opportunity to make shapes and substantially more of change with each hairstyle for every customer contrasted with the standard female hair style. I additionally adore the bond between a hairdresser and his clients; it’s a genuinely solid, steadfast kinship. This kinship is additional among the hairdressers of the nation, in the most recent year I have been acknowledged with open arms into the barbering scene, and I’m fortunate to call some of my golden calves my companions!


3) What is unique about your hairstyling parlor?

I own a salon, so we have both men and ladies in the shop which makes a decent adjust and an astounding environment. The shop itself has a ton of assorted wood; luxurious mirrors close by a mechanical feel. We additionally had a Stag with scissors for tusks as our logo which has a solid impact all through, with numerous prongs, mounted skulls, bronze statues and an astonishing painting by neighborhood craftsman and customer, Annie Drew.


4) What changes have you seen in barbering throughout the years?

As I said before, i originate from a hairdressing foundation, and I can let you know that it is much more regarded as an industry now than any time in recent memory. When I do my instruction, 99% of the folks that go to are beauticians attempting to up their amusement to contend with the barbering scene. Additionally, the way that Toni&Guy now utilize scissors and have courses on barbering quite recently demonstrates how far it’s come in 14 years, it is gigantically energizing times!

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5) Where do you get motivation from?

I attempt to conceive brand new ideas, yet I do draw lots of motivation from music, movies, TV and other popular society. I have a tremendous adoration for all sorts and times of music, and frequently specialists and their fans make looks and sub-societies which advance on to feline strolls and after that back on to the high road.

Likewise, you must take a gander at your companions; there is some fabulous ability in the UK and Ireland, a ton of which, I’m glad to say a piece of The Lions Barber Collective. I firmly trust that the UK and Ireland are the worldwide pioneers with regards to hair.


6) How would you help customers locate their best look?

Cutting straight to the chase I think an essential thing is that your client feels sure and content with themselves when they look in the mirror. If this is valid and they can remake the look themselves, then you’re on to a victory. Instructing your customers on styling and completing their hair will help them as well. In case you’re certain that you look great and have the right items, you can pull it off, and that’s the only thing that is in any way important!


7) What can folks do at home to reproduce that straight from the hairdresser style?

I feel that is the stylists employment to instruct their customer how to complete their hair, demonstrate to them what you’re utilizing and let them know how to use it; it’s not a mystery. Additionally, a decent conference with your customer can figure out what style you run with, if they don’t invest energy in their hair a lavish style will be no great to them the following morning when they battle with it at home.

Despite the fact that sprinkling out on a better than an average hairdryer, the right brush, styling, and completing item will have an enormous effect. They can likewise keep their hair tidier by going to their stylist in the middle of for a line up which has all the effect!


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8) What are the top hair patterns for men this year?

By and by I see all the pompadours and vintage styles turning into a ton looser and more textured, some notwithstanding falling into edges and compliment crops. I think blurring will be around for somewhat more as many people I educate needing the abilities, which says to me it’s immensely well known with customers.

The surgical line is by all accounts a significant pattern too in 2016, those Irish young men, Ryan Cullen, Micky Graham and Neal Toner appear to have that one nailed!

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