How The Easy Way to Better Hair And Skin

One little change can radically enhance the soundness of skin and hair. This isn’t another costly item or tedious expansion to your morning schedule. You can advantage hair and skin while you rest. The mystery is changing to a silk pillowcase.


One small change can significantly improve the health of skin and hair. better hair growth,better braids hair and scalp oil,better shampoo for hair loss

Cotton is soft to the touch, but the porous fabric absorbs moisture, drying out hair and skin throughout the night. This adds to the damage that life and styling does. If you’re putting on expensive lotion every night or conditioner every morning, even the finest cotton and highest thread count sheets prevent them from working their magic.

Do you ever wake up with tangled hair or loose strands on the pillowcase? The woven texture of cotton snags on hair, causing breakage, damage, and matting. Just think about what that’s doing to your skin! Over time, those creases and wrinkles contribute to aging skin.

Cotton pillows can take their toll on eyebrows too. Is one always thinner than the other? It’s probably the side that you sleep on. Yikes! Like any overzealous plucking, it takes some time to recover. It’s nice not to have to fill in sparse brows every day.

So that’s the bad news. Now here’s the good news! The easy secret to better hair and skin is simply switching your pillowcase from cotton to satin or silk.

These luxurious fabrics are ultra smooth, never tugging or pulling on hair or skin. Satin and silk don’t absorb moisture, leaving all those essential oils in skin and hair. Even better, they feel amazing. Slightly cool to the touch and silky soft, laying your head on one of these pillowcases will become one of the best parts of going to bed.

So switch to satin or silk to fight aging, keep hair healthy, and perk up those brows too! This is especially important for curly hair, which tends to be dry anyway.

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