How To Make Your Own Pomade?

Pomade gives the user’s hair a shiny, slick appearance, and does not dry it out. It lasts longer than most hair care products, taking up to several washes to remove

Pomade is familiar in 90’s the product is Murrays,Tancho

And i want tell how to make own pomade

The Classic Pomade


The New Pomade



Okey lets go how to make the pomade


1. fresh olive oil/other vegetable oil
2. fresh vegetable shortening (optional)
3. scented oil/essential oil (to smell good)
4. bee’s wax

Next step

1.Prepare the ingredients, with the top list. Her specialty essential oils depending scented pomade you want now many of its kind, we can buy in a store nearby


2. Melt the beeswax (beeswax) in a clean saucepan on low heat. Continue stirring until the liquid. Pour the liquid wax into the mixing container / cooling.


3. Add the vegetable oil. This meant that the wax does not become too hard when cooled again.


4. Add the essential oils (scented you like) to add aroma to the pomade.


5. Once cool custom pomade you check what is too viscous, or less viscous .This is important because this will affect the “hold” of your creation pomade.


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6. Heat the mixture to change the consistency.
if too stiff add more vegetable oil and reheat. This will produce a kind of shine pomade to hold level that is not too strong.

If it is too soft, add beeswax (bees wax) and reheat. This will produce a medium level pomade or even heavy Hold.


Things that need to be considered

  • Do not use the microwave to melt the wax, simply use a hotplate or stove
  • Never apply a pomade eyes or in your mouth
  • Make sure that only use natural oils, vegetable oils or natural scented oils for your pomade
  • Do not use other than bees wax and auhkan of the reach of children.

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